Matrica Company was founded in 2006, as a legal successor of Matrica trade for development services, with goal of making programming solutions for specialized systems services. In six years of business activities we have developed, and maintained multiple specialized programming solutions for different users of different profiles.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Subscription charge in publishing company
  • Mobile sales in a beverages sales company
  • Automatization of radio-stations broadcasting
  • Credit card authorization
  • Issuing aeronautical personnel licences
  • Examination on aeronautical personnel

You can see all of the above-mentioned, as well as other solutions, in Projects.
All of these applications are developed on Microsoft technologies COM, Dot.NET by using MS SQL Server data base.
We would like to emphasize that Matrica company developed function specification, and delivered project and executive documentation, for all above –mentioned solutions.
As required, we create small and agile teams. These teams, in cooperation with final users, develop solutions in predefined volume, appreciating agreed deadlines.
What makes us different from other companies of a similar profile is project approach in technical and user documentation for which we use UML as project and documentation language.
We don’t adjust existing system to our self, our clients are satisfied with our service, which results in long term cooperation.
If you have needs for software, give us a chance, we are open for cooperation.


At your disposal, you have:

  • System architect and project manager, computer engineer with college diploma, with 15-years’ experience on ERP projects, Automatization of business processes in engineering, development of applications for public institutions and public administration, telecom operators, development of web business solutions for credit card companies, development of specific business solutions for press and publishing, development of specific business solutions for manufacturing and distribution of beverages, automatization of radio programme broadcast and other. Reliable, trustworthy opportunistic and visionary.
  • Senior Developer with 10 years’ experience in developing all sorts of applications. Member of Croatian Mensa, and mathematics engineer with college diploma. Creative, adaptable, wise and becoming.
  • Developer, telecommunications engineer with 3 years’ experience in application development for public institutions and public administration and automatization of business processes in engineering. Patient, persistent, communicative and available.
  • Sales consultant and marketing manager, electrical engineer with college diploma, with 35 years’ experience in middle and large sized companies, in management and sales. Proactive, disciplined, youthful and optimistic.
  • We are able to assemble team of experts with distinct speciality and profile, on short notice, being in friendly relationship with a variety of freelancers, as well as offering you cooperation with other IT companies, with goal of satisfying all aspects of you needs.




Considering our experience over many years in software development, we offer you a service of consultations in supplying and developing software in your organization. As independent and impartial consultants we offer our help in all phases of your project, especially in expediency estimations of acquiring software, as well as quality, applicability or need for adaption of certain business solutions in accordance with your desires.

Furthermore, we offer consultations to IT companies in project phases which they can’t cover with their own recourses, e.g. development of applications where we use tested method UseCases, data compaction in UML language, as well as independent estimate of efficiency of development process.


We develop complex solutions such as Desktop, Web and mobile applications. We see complex data base, data storage and analytical applications as challenge.

We base our development on tested agile methods and we follow ISO/IES 12207 standard, and in regards of modern trends and technologies we develop optimal architecture and solution design.

Our solutions are made of the most advanced components, and are rigorously tested and thus reliable in long term application.



  • Ministarstvo mora, prometa i infrastukture
  • Agencija za civilno zrakoplovstvo
  • Hrvatska kontrola zračne plovidbe
  • Otvoreni radio
  • Gospodarski list
  • Diners
  • Badel 1862
  • Prologis
  • Ibus
  • KFK
  • GMC
  • Vickov
  • Encron



  • Subscription charge in publishing company

    Application includes the whole process of administration of customers and subscriptions, sending offers, invoicing subscriptions, shipping of magazines and books and analyzing excerpts and closing account books cards, Application is realized as desktop application.

  • Mobile sales in a beverages sales company

    Application enables browsing price list and making orders on mobile device. On back-end part there is a web application on which orders are routed for shipping.

  • Automatization of radio-stations broadcasting

    Application enables manual and automatic reproduction of songs, advertisements and jingles, as well as storage and loading of playlists. Base of audio entries is maintained trough administrative application.

  • Credit card authorization

    The project comprises from front-end SOAP web service, on which web stores connect, and which communicates with authorization server trough ISO8583 protocol. On back-end part, there is a web application trough which authorizations are being administered.

  • Issuing aeronautical personnel licences

    Application enables administration of aeronautical personnel data base and issuing associated licences. Aeronautical mechanics, flight controllers, and pilot licences are included.

  • Examination on aeronautical personnel

    Application is being used for updating questions data base, creating examinations tests and recording results.


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