A boutique shop of commando-class developers, at your disposal.


Deadlines are important, but in many projects sticking to a deadline in short term means risking being left with excessive (and expensive) potential in the long term. People are hard to find, take a long time to adapt and are hard to downsize, especially if you might need them again in 6 months.

We provide “fire-stamping” specialist developers on-demand that will help you coordinate, code, communicate, mentor and do whatever is necessary for the project to honor the deadline and then leave until they are needed again.


Do you have an idea for an IT product or service, but no tech skills to build it? Or do you have a prototype that cannot scale well, and would like to re-build it using more appropriate technology?

We provide the whole package: a high-level analysis, a feature assessment, a price quote, a technical audit and a plan of action and reporting. The idea is to get you a fully functional custom system, delivered as a ready-for-use package.