About Us

Development of software solutions

The Matrix Company d.o.o. is specialized in developing software solutions for all types of entrepreneurs, covering Desktop, Web, mobile applications, databases, analytical applications and the like. In our business, we emphasize the personalization of projects to fully meet the needs and wishes of clients.

Software solutions include subscription billing, radio station automation, airline testing and hospital ordering programs, and a mobile utility application for everyone involved in municipal waste, water, and water drainage, as well as in charge of charging fees.

Thanks to our many years of experience we offer consulting services in the procurement and development of software for all types of organizations.


The effort and constant investment in knowledge and skills in the field of software development has enabled us to expand our services. One of them is a consulting service for the acquisition and / or development of software. Given that there are quite a number of software solutions available today for numerous business solutions, our experienced staff will assist you in evaluating the purpose of your procurement. We also offer assistance during all phases of the project. Finally, we discuss the applicability of individual software as well as the need to customize business solutions to meet your requirements.

The counseling service is also about helping us create requests, using the UseCases method, then structuring databases in the UML language and the like.


We offer full software development services such as Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. Complex databases, data warehouses, and analytical applications present a particular challenge.

In developing software solutions, we apply the ISO / IEC 12207 standard to plan, manage, use or improve specific software in the best possible way. In working with applications we follow trends and modern technology with the aim of developing optimal architecture and adequate design solutions.

All software solutions are subject to regular testing to ensure their reliable and safe operation over a long period of time. In addition, we take care of compatibility with other applications so that all of our customers can run their entire business and organization very easily and effectively.